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Frequently Asked Questions about DACA

1. Question: Must I employ an attorney to apply for DACA?
Answer: No, but should your request be incomplete you usually lose your filing fees, it may be denied without an appeal, and proceeding without a lawyer means that you will have to attend all interviews without legal representation. Remember, immigration lawyers usually only represent immigration clients and have much experience in this regard.

2. Question: Do I get legal status through DACA?
Answer: No, just safety from Removal Proceedings.

3. Question: What are the current USCIS fees?
Answer: $465.00 which includes the fee for a work permit.

4. Question: Can my illegal working, false social security number, illegal driver's license and/or failure to pay taxes be grounds for denial?
Answer: Yes, in some instances.

5. Question: Must everything in my request be documented?
Answer: Yes, the USCIS reviews everything for complete compliance.

6. Question: Can I get a Social Security number upon approval?
Answer: Yes, upon obtaining a Work Authorization.

7. Question: Can I get a driver's license upon approval?
Answer: Sometimes, it depends upon the law of the state in which you reside. An attorney can review and explain this problem.

8. Question: Will my criminal record or lack of education jeopardize my approval?
Answer: Maybe. It is best to consult with an attorney.

9. Question: Can I again file a request if I am denied?
Answer: No. There is no Appeal or Motion to Reopen or Reconsider. Which is why it is so important to get the request correct the first time.

10. Question: Can I file a request while I am in Removal proceedings?
Answer: Yes, even if you have received a Final Order or Voluntary Departure Order, provided you are not in immigration detention.

11. Question: Will my denial of request subject me to Removal Proceedings?
Answer: Usually not, but consult an attorney.

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