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Foreign Government Visas

Foreign Government Visas

Charleston Immigration Lawyer Explains Government Visas

Any citizen working for a foreign country, as well as the families, attendants and servants that display the need to enter the United States is required to obtain a visa. These Foreign government visas are issued to various categories of government workers as outlined below. Speak with a Charleston Immigration Lawyer from our firm to develop a solid understanding of the proper visa for you and your family, attendants or servants.

A-Category Visas

These visas are issued to specific individuals of high standing in government;

  • A-1 VISA, Diplomats, Ambassadors, heads of State, etc. on their Country Business
  • A-2 VISA, Other Officials of foreign Governments and their Families
  • A-3 VISA, Attendants, Servants or Employees of A-1, A-2 Visa Holders

C-Category Visas

These are transit visas to the United Nations or through the U.S.;

  • C-2 VISA, Transit of Foreign Travelers to the United Nations
  • C-3 VISA, Foreign Government Officials in Transit through the U.S.

G-Category Visas

These visas are for Foreign Government Employees of lesser import;

  • G-1 VISA, Foreign Government Representatives and their Families
  • G-2 VISA, Other Foreign Government Representatives and their Families
  • G-3 VISA, Representatives and their Families of non recognized Foreign Governments
  • G-4 VISA, Employees of International Organizations and their Families
  • G-5 VISA, Attendants, Servants and Employees of G-1, G-2 G-3 Visa Holders and their families

N-Category Visas

These are extended Family visas for G-visa Holders;

  • N-8 VISA, Parents of G-4 Visa Holder Employees
  • N-9 VISA, Siblings and Children of G-4 Visa Holder Employees

NATO Category Visas

These are visas pertaining to employees of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO);

  • NATO-1 VISA, Representatives and their Families
  • NATO-2 VISA, Representatives and non NATO-1 VISA Holder Families
  • NATO-3 VISA, NATO Employees and their Families
  • NATO-4 VISA, Other immediate Employees of NATO and their Families
  • NATO-5 VISA, NATO Engineers and their Families
  • NATO-6 VISA, NATO Military Workers and their Families
  • NATO-7 VISA, Maids of NATO-1 VISA through NATO-6 Visa Holders and their Families

Obtaining a Government Visa in Charleston

Government officials and workers should apply for a visa as soon as possible when they know they will need to enter the U.S. Our Charleston Immigration Attorneys can walk you through the steps and help you obtain any of these visas. Our attorneys can also keep you up to date on these ever changing immigration laws. Remember "with immigration nothing is as simple as it first appears". (sm) Contact our firm to get more information and begin your immigration application process.

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