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Student & Exchange Program Visas

Student & Exchange Visitor Visa Programs

How Can an Immigration Lawyer in Charleston, SC Help Me?

A variety of visas can be considered for people wishing to become a student in the United States. A Charleston Immigration Attorney from our firm can be your guide through this process to assist you select the visa and program that best suits your needs. Also, should you qualify for a J visa with a mandatory two year return residency requirement we can help with your preparation of a Request for a Waiver, a No Objection Letter, Exceptional Hardship Claim, Persecution Petition or other relief to continue toward Permanent Residency.

Foreigners who have entered the U.S. on A, L, E, I, or G visas can attend school if it is incidental to the purposes granted in their non- immigrant visas. However, if their entry is solely for the purpose of utilization of our education system, to participate in a vocational, non-academic, language training program or to avail themselves of an approved & sponsored exchange program they (with the limited exception of Border Commuter Students) must first obtain a F-Student, M-Vocational, J-Exchange or Q-Specialty Program visa. If a sponsor cancels a program the participant will have 30 days to vacate the U.S.

Specific processes have been implemented for all activities related to the admission and tracking of F,M, J students and Exchange Visitors;

With a F Student educational visa, foreigners may enter the U.S. for the sole purpose of being a full time student at an Accredited College, University, Seminary, Conservatory, Academic High School, Elementary School or in a Language Training Program provided said school is government approved to accept foreign students and the program culminates in a degree, diploma or certificate. Our attorneys can assist your school to receive this government approval.

Student Educational Visas

With a M Student vocational visa foreigners can attend vocational or other non-academic programs other than for Language Training.

Student Vocational Visas

J visa visitors must arrive to the U.S. with the intent to participate only in government approved programs for the purpose of promoting and fostering the interchange of persons, knowledge and skills in the fields of Education, Arts & Sciences. The U. S. Department of State designates public & private entities to act as exchange sponsors and they have discretion to extend the term of the program, with limitations. Programs must exchange a minimum of 5 visitors per year and the program must be a minimum of 3 weeks long. Some U.S. organizations have "Umbrella Exchange Visitor Programs" for many U.S. companies.

International Exchange Program Visas

Additionally, exchange programs to foster specific goals have been adopted by the USCIS. These actions resulted in mutual cultural exchange programs between the U.S. and its cultural country partner and an Irish Peace Process Program to assist in easing the tensions between Ireland and Great Britain.

Cultural Exchange Program Visas

Each separate education visa requires a different set of compliances. A Charleston Immigration Attorney can assist you and/or your sponsor in processing the appropriate required paperwork. As we so often say, "with immigration. nothing is as simple as it first appears".(sm)

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