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Specialty Visas & Programs

Specialty Visas and Programs

Immigration Visa Attorney in Charleston, SC

Occasionally, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announces immigration programs unique and only for a particular group of aliens. Often these programs are; a result of harsh economic conditions, for disaster relief, for humanitarian reasons, because of treaty alliances, through war and with political objective. Each program is very specific in its objective and to whom it applies. They are often tantamount to tailor made solutions for ongoing world situations. Periodically, they come and they sunset, so legal expertise is advised to keep up on their applicability to you and the procedures for such relief.

During natural disasters, immigration dates, interviews and timetables are often postponed or disrupted. The USCIS is also affected and tries to accommodate such delays that may affect an aliens lawful immigration status.

Generally, late filings are allowed for Extensions and Change of Status provided some documentation is attached explaining how the disaster was responsible for the delay or failure to comply. A sincere "ask for forgiveness" is a good idea too. Remember, the USCIS are people whose lives or relatives lives may have also been affected! But, such disasters will not excuse being out of status before the disaster struck.

The USCIS will try to expedite Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) (work permits) and Advanced Parole (travel documents) for those aliens affected. Foreign students, so affected, may also apply for off campus work authorization.

In a disaster, if the local USCIS field office is still open, go there and try to meet with an officer and explain your situation. Individuals stranded at the airport or a border should try to seek help from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. They should realize your dilemma and steer you in the right direction. If documents are lost, begin to reconstruct them as soon as the calamity passes.

Charleston, South Carolina and its surrounding area is in a known hurricane path area and has potential for a reoccurring earthquake occurrence. As Charleston Immigration Attorneys, we maintain that we have the obligation and responsibility to closely monitor what federal disaster relief may come available for aliens and immigrants in our area, should a disaster occur and report it as quickly and accurately as possible. Please monitor our website for this information during and after such a calamity.

Reviewing these visa & program options and eligibility can be a confusing process. Enlist the help of our Charleston Immigration Attorneys so that you fully understand the application process and have an advocate who can help you complete each step correctly. Contact Charleston USA Immigration Law Center for assistance today. Remember, "with immigration nothing is as simple as it first appears". (sm)

The following visas and programs are designed to assist and offer support to people uniquely qualified for them;

We are here to help you process these unique petitions and applications.

The following visas and programs are designed to assist and offer support to eligible people who have been affected by various disasters;

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