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Expatriation, Repatriation & Global Immigration

Expatriates, Repatriation & Global Immigration

Charleston Immigration Attorney Discusses Global Immigration

Worldwide, more and more people grow tired of the political systems and/or the oppressive tax systems in their home countries. This, plus their desire to experience the exotic and a more affordable way of life prompt many to dream for greener pastures in some foreign and distant land. As third world countries, located in desirable places, with beautiful climates, beaches & mountains become, more stable and foreign relocation more friendly, these dreams can become reality for expatriates willing and able to travel afar. These countries realize the talent and financial resources such foreigners bring to their countries and often now freely compete for these individuals.

Also, the world is rapidly changing. With the inventions of communication satellites, the world wide web, smart cellular telephones and the portable computer & i-pad more and more people from all nations can more freely exercise their "wanderlust" and continue to earn a living abroad. This coupled with the continued growth of international corporations creates a global need for talented workers. Employers now search everywhere to create new subsidiaries & affiliates and to fill their talent pools.

Understanding Laws for Immigrations Expatriation

Consequently, peoples from all countries are now relocating and working overseas. Immigration is now global in scope and operation. America is no longer the only desirable place to live and work. In great numbers Europeans relocate to South America or Asia; Africans relocate to Europe or Asia and Asians relocate to South America and Africa; all besides their immigration into the United States. Expatriates from all countries are also on the go looking for a better life.

We, at Charleston USA Immigration Law Center can assist you with your immigration needs to Canada, Ecuador, Panama, Thailand or wherever for work or as an expatriate from your native country, even if it is not the U.S. In many instances you can continue to retain your home land passport while acquiring residency abroad. We can, assist in your finding competent foreign legal counsel, and if needed, resolve housing, banking, health care and retirement issues before, during and after your relocation. In addition, we strongly recommend and work with competent tax advisers from your home country and your new location to insure that you are educated about and comply with all tax consequences.


Similarly, on occasion expats change their minds or long for the "homeland" and endeavor to undue that which has been done. For family or business reasons reconnection with the native country is desired. We can also help in this regard. For a more comprehensive and detailed discuss of these, related & interesting topics read the following;

  • Expatriation-Renunciation of Citizenship
  • Repatriation-Resurrection of Citizenship
  • Dual Citizenship
  • Dual Passports
  • International Extradition
  • Global Immigration

Satisfying one's "wanderlust" can be exciting and rewarding when done in a well thought out and planned fashion. Call or E-mail us with your contemplated objectives and we will discuss with you what services we can provide. Just remember, "with immigration nothing is as simple as it first appears".(sm)

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