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S-6 Visa

S-6 Visa, Assistance to the Government About Commission of Terrorism or a Terrorist Plot, Permanent Residency (Green Card)

This is a category of visa which can lead to permanent residency for aliens who assist our government in various investigative procedures leading to the arrest of individuals in connection with terrorist activities.

The applicant must;

1. possess reliable information regarding an important aspect of a terrorist organization or plot,

2. be willing to share this information with law enforcement officials,

3. or to testify in court,

4. has or will be placed in danger for providing that information,

5. be eligible to receive an award from the U.S. State Department by providing such information.

If the information substantially contributed to the prevention of an act of terrorism, or to the apprehension of a person involved in terrorist activities then the alien can proceed with an Adjustment of Status for permanent residency.

Definitely speak with a criminal attorney and an immigration attorney well versed in terrorism before proceeding with this visa. We can assist you with the analysis and processing of your case all prior to contacting the government. terrorism is a most serious matter and it is most likely that you will also be thoroughly investigated. Remember, "with immigration, nothing is as simple as it first appears".℠

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