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O-2 Visa

O-2 Visa

Essential Support Personnel of O-1A & O-1B Visa Holders

This visa is for the assistants of the non-immigrant extraordinary or for the entourage of the performer that is vital and necessary to the job function or performance. In athletics they are often coaches, masseuses, etc. In the arts, they often are directors, producers, managers, agents, makeup artists, singing coaches and the like. Not for groupies, hanger on'ers or enablers. They must demonstrate that they are essential and have the critical skills and substantial experience incidental to the O1-A or O1-B visa holder.

What Is the Process of Applying for the O-2 Visa?

The application process requires that the employer file USCIS Form I-129, in conjunction with the filing of the application for the employee, with all other accompanying documentation and pay all required filing fees. In addition to the normal fees, possibly a Premium Processing fee will be owed. If the application pertains to athletics or the arts a written consultation from an appropriate labor organization will also be needed.

Family Members of O-2 Visa Holders

Family members can also accompany on separately filed USCIS Form I-129 with similar documentation upon paying all required filing fees.

Spouses and unmarried children under 21 can also obtain entry under O-3 visas. They cannot work but can attend school or college.

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